Friday, August 03, 2007

How To Be A Parent

I don't venture out to find and read articles about parenting, but if they come come across my desk, chances are I'll read it. Gideon is almost 10 months old, so advice on how to get your child away from the Ipod, Playstation or text message thingy and more involved in reading or sports really isn't relevant right now. These days, I'm just trying to get him to nap time more quickly and change his diapers without him squirming around. But, on ocassion I read how to parent articles just to get an idea of how things may or may not be in the near future.

So I am reading an article on Super Moms and how they create harmony and order in the home. Alexa came home early from work today so that we can all get ready for a special event taking place tonight - the wedding of Bharat and Christa (friends from church). During the transition of handing off the reins of Gideon-caretaking to Alexa - just minutes from watching some of my favorite SpongeBob episodes - Avatar shows up on Nickelodeon. In case you don't know what Avatar is, here is a picture:

As we all sat in our living room, I started to read advice from the article aloud to Alexa on how to positively discipline children. Seconds later I notice her response, or lack thereof. She replied, "................"

Notice the dots!

This means that there was silence and that all you heard were the sounds of crickets ... that, and the dialogue coming from Avatar on the television screen. I turn to investigate. And there I found Alexa deeply focused on the cartoon, shusshing me in the process. is not as shameless as my genuine interest in Spongbob (Patrick Star is my favorite), but shusshing?

Oh, and guess what....Gideon is now getting to his feet. He doesn't stand alone, but he holds on to whatever is in front him ... crib rail, sofa, daddy's belly ... to get up to his feet and stand. Here are some pictures to prove it.

Look Daddy! I'm standing!

Hey Daddy! Are you looking?

What's that over there? That's a new perspective on things.

Yum....wood railing.

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Alexa said...

To be clear...I was watching Avatar as part of research for work! That's right, because I order graphic novels and I have ordered the Avatar one, and so I was researching the content. Let's see Alex defend his Spongebob addiction.