Friday, August 17, 2007

Can You Tell Me How to Get....

Ok, so I must admit. I love Gideon. I love him so much that I can't imagine sometimes having another child because I can't imagine loving anyone more. (I wasn't really admitting to loving Gideon. Everyone knows that already. I am admitting to the following sentence.) HOWEVER, I sometimes think that the reason I gave birth to a child is so that I can enjoy the attractions and amusements that are usually seen as being only for children. Example? Sesame Place. I have never been to Sesame Place, yet I have always, always wanted to go. Sesame Place is strictly for kids. It isn't like Six Flags Great Adventure where there are more rides for teens and adults than there are for kids. Sesame Place is geared toward...well, kids who watch Sesame Street.

Last Saturday, we headed to Sesame Place for Luis's 8th birthday (Alex's nephew). It was a gorgeous day. Gideon loves water. He loves getting wet, and splashing everything. So, we headed over to the "tidal wave" pool. Ok, so isn't a tidal wave a bad thing? Doesn't it cause destruction and mayhem? Why would you name a pool area a tidal wave? Anyway, I digress.

Here is a picture of Gideon having fun:

I thought for sure that Gideon would love the lazy river. You get into a tube and ride the river and it is very soothing and relaxing. What I didn't realize was that Gideon would have to wear a life vest, and that he would think that it was trying to kill him. He was pretty much crying and screaming and biting the vest during the whole ride. You can imagine how relaxing and soothing that was. However, there were a few instances where we would have to pass under a waterfall. I thought that was going to make him freak out, but in fact he thought it was hilarious, and enjoyed watching me get soaked.

Just like at Disney, Sesame Place has a parade several times a day. I was anticipating this, since I have been curious to see if Gideon would be afraid of the characters. So, we took a place on the street, and saw the following:

And did Gideon watch and clap his hands to the music? Or did he burst into tears and cower in fear?


Sigh. He napped through the whole thing. Maybe next year.


Bryna said...

I'm looking forward to the kiddie parks too. I went to Sesame Place as a kid and can't wait to go back as an adult. Also looking forward to cartoons. (although my luck, my child will want to watch the cartoons I don't want to see... I can't exactly fight my child over what cartoon to watch.)

Amy =) said...

Just picture it...
All 5 Higby Hoodlums rompin' around Sesame Place next summer. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!