Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Angel Soto?

Alexa calls him angel at least 20 times a day. "Hi my little angel" or "Is my little angel hungry?" And he is an angel! But there are glimpses of mischief, which is expected given my track record.

For example, Gideon Juan Soto has developed a new skill, which makes his daddy proud. It begins with a moment of cuddling with Alexa, when suddenly, he finds an open spot to practice his new skill ... and that is to blow raspberries. He has become quite proficient in it I must say. He also brings joy to all who hear it - from kids to adults (Ok, well....mostly kids and mainly me as the adult).

I guess it's only fair with the jumping on daddy performance he delivers every early morning.

But in reality, he is an angel. I'll enjoy while it lasts. I've heard many stories of the supposed "terrible 2s" and have witnessed it for myself.

These pictures of a recently-bathed Gideon visually tells the story of his angelic nature ... although it kinda looks like he's planning something in the first one. Enjoy,

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