Thursday, July 05, 2007

We Celebrate Our Independence
The Best Party Ever

(yes, we are dorks that have to wear red, white, and blue tshirts on patriotic holidays)

This year, we were invited to celebrate the 4th of July at the apartment of a family friend. He happens to be the building manager of an apartment building on the Upper East Side, with a view of the East River. I was kind of nervous, with taking the baby, and the fireworks not starting until 9:20. I wasn't sure if Gideon would fall asleep, or get cranky or sleepy. But our host told us it wouldn't be a problem, and that we could bring the pack-n-play, and that I could set it up in the bedroom. Ok, so we packed up 2 diaper bags, like we were going on a safari or something, and over the river and under the bridge, off we went.

The windows in the living room
(and assorted guests)

When we arrived, I was literally awestruck. I mean, it was this amazing apartment/condo with floor to ceiling windows. It was beautifully decorated, and, oh yes...the food! Amazing food. I meant to take pictures of it, but I was too busy scarfing it down. Humongous lobster tails, colossal shrimp, a gorgeous salad, baked potatoes. And the desserts! The desserts! I actually got pictures of those. Our host was extremely gracious, and immensely generous. He went over the top to make sure we had a good time, and let me tell you, everyone had an absolute fabulouso time.

Beautiful table, set for dinner

Various Italian desserts and a tres leches my mom made.

Platter of flat peaches and mangoes, a bowl of lychees, and a delicious homemade flan.

Giant bowl of cherries(with the flan sneaking in to the picture)

Pretty plate of fresh figs

All of the guests were people from our church. A woman brought her two sons, ages 5 and 3. Gideon was so excited, you would have thought that they came just to entertain him. I have never seen him so thrilled. He was laughing and playing. I thought that they might get too rough, but I think they could have thrown Gideon on the floor and body slammed him, and he would have still been hysterically laughing. Apparently,boys do that.

At around 8:30pm, we all took the elevator to the PENTHOUSE, so that we could view the fireworks in style. Notice I wrote penthouse in all caps, because I am that easily impressed. Gideon stayed awake until the end, making minimal fuss. Everyone appreciated how well behaved he is. We take no credit for this. He is a blessing to us. He was born sweet natured and non-annoying.

Amazing view

Gideon takes turns viewing the fireworks. Apparently mommy is comfy.

My first fourth of July onesie.

In case you were wondering, my dad started the tradition of wearing patriotic t-shirts on the 4th of July. Thank goodness, Old Navy makes it easy by selling those flag tshirts. We used to have to search for them as kids. I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!

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Amy said...

Zoe happened across my laptop while I was reading your blog. Now she keeps asking to look at "more pictures of Gideon"! LOVE the recap of the 4th. Good thing we were busy having fun with my family, otherwise I'd REALLY be sad we missed the shindig! (As it is, I'm SO jealous of all that fruit!)