Thursday, July 26, 2007

Being Daddy

Waking up at 5:30 am yesterday morning wasn’t so bad, even though my intention was to start my day at 7:30 am. Consider the source of the abrupt change of plans … a notoriously happy baby boy who is a true morning person in every sense. This trait is not an inheritance by any means. I mentioned in an earlier post how he yells, laughs and uses me as his personal punching bag and trampoline, nearly knocking me off the bed every morning.

Well since then, things haven’t changed much…except for me…things seem different. I’m still alive, not that I’m supposed to be dead. Life is full because I get worked up about lazy weekend mornings with my wife and son. It’s a thing I look forward to during the workweek.

When I have vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone…I enjoy it more. I’ve even hurdled beyond my conservative food box and ventured out to add nuts and sprinkles to my ice cream, which for me is a risk. Some mornings, I smell the beach and hear the ocean, even though I am miles away from the shore.

And while my knees have taken a beating continually going up and down the 15 or so flight of stairs to take care of my daily responsibilities, I eagerly await for the opportunity to carry Gideon in my arms and walk him down those very stairs most mornings in preparation for his trip to Grandma’s house. Then, upon his arrival from Grandma’s, seeing his smile and hearing “dada” proclaimed loudly as if he wants to let the world know.

At the end of those days when it’s just Gideon and me at home, is when I need a nap the most. I don’t know how moms have done it for centuries. Amazingly, I have been able to enjoy life more, even though I manage work and baby 2 full workdays out of the week.

Things like walking around the hood and having neighbors say hi to me, though the focus of their attention is mostly Gideon….of course. I’ve also been able to sit on park benches and enjoy my surroundings, with Gideon on my lap scaring innocent animals away with his yells. Nonetheless, the moments are precious.

Then there’s playtime.

There’s nothing like being a dad.


Anonymous said...

Alex- I LOVE how much you love being a dad. You should print and save some of these blogs to put in a baby book or memory book for him when he gets older. You really do have a way with writing!

Bryna said...

This is such a sweet post. I can't wait until I can say the same thing about being a mother.
- Bryna

Amy H said...

LOVE the new layout.
I agree with your friend about printing some of these for Gideon's baby book! (And that's coming from a HUGE that a word?)