Thursday, July 26, 2007

Being Daddy

Waking up at 5:30 am yesterday morning wasn’t so bad, even though my intention was to start my day at 7:30 am. Consider the source of the abrupt change of plans … a notoriously happy baby boy who is a true morning person in every sense. This trait is not an inheritance by any means. I mentioned in an earlier post how he yells, laughs and uses me as his personal punching bag and trampoline, nearly knocking me off the bed every morning.

Well since then, things haven’t changed much…except for me…things seem different. I’m still alive, not that I’m supposed to be dead. Life is full because I get worked up about lazy weekend mornings with my wife and son. It’s a thing I look forward to during the workweek.

When I have vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone…I enjoy it more. I’ve even hurdled beyond my conservative food box and ventured out to add nuts and sprinkles to my ice cream, which for me is a risk. Some mornings, I smell the beach and hear the ocean, even though I am miles away from the shore.

And while my knees have taken a beating continually going up and down the 15 or so flight of stairs to take care of my daily responsibilities, I eagerly await for the opportunity to carry Gideon in my arms and walk him down those very stairs most mornings in preparation for his trip to Grandma’s house. Then, upon his arrival from Grandma’s, seeing his smile and hearing “dada” proclaimed loudly as if he wants to let the world know.

At the end of those days when it’s just Gideon and me at home, is when I need a nap the most. I don’t know how moms have done it for centuries. Amazingly, I have been able to enjoy life more, even though I manage work and baby 2 full workdays out of the week.

Things like walking around the hood and having neighbors say hi to me, though the focus of their attention is mostly Gideon….of course. I’ve also been able to sit on park benches and enjoy my surroundings, with Gideon on my lap scaring innocent animals away with his yells. Nonetheless, the moments are precious.

Then there’s playtime.

There’s nothing like being a dad.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gideon at Play

The living room in our apartment is not huge, but there is plenty of space for a growing baby to play. While Gideon still doesn't crawl, he does get around to mostly every corner of the rug. He does this by way of scooting. There are two types of scooting. His preferred method is to sit with both his legs turned to the right (you'll see his sitting style in the video below), stretch out his arms at about a 45 degree angle, and then sort of drag/skip his bottom forward until he gets to his destination.

Don't try this at home folks! If you are reading this, chances are that you are an adult. And if you happen to be on the slightly chubby side (unlike me for I am on the extreme chubby side) there needs to be plenty of muscle in your mid-section to pull this off, or else risk some sort of painful muscle pull.

His other style of scooting is having both knees and hands on the floor, then using his arms to scoot forward. Although, sometimes he scoots backwards until his bottom makes contact with the sofa.

Recently, I recorded Gideon while he was at play. No, he does not scoot in the video, but he does show off his right arm by throwing and knocking down blocks. He also claps, smiles and then figures out the secret of the wire bead maze frame. He's such a smart boy!

The following are new and recent pics of Gideon

Gideon at the Library

You can't see them, but kids are making Gideon crack up in laughter to the right of the photo.

Gideon in the pool again. He loves water so much.

Just chillin with Daddy drinking milk.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Un Elefante and Tortillitas

Another video for your viewing pleasure. Warning: there is more Alexa singing on it. Sorry. However, when I sing "Tortillitas", Gideon claps his hands to mimic the making of tortillas. He is very smart. Oh, and the first song is about an elephant balancing himself on a spider web. Enjoy.

Gideon Sitting and Drinking Juice
Here is a video of Gideon holding his bottle and drinking juice. I apologize ahead of time for my singing. I posted this video forgetting that I tend to burst into song around Gideon. He likes it, even if you feel you need to hit mute. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

We Celebrate Our Independence
The Best Party Ever

(yes, we are dorks that have to wear red, white, and blue tshirts on patriotic holidays)

This year, we were invited to celebrate the 4th of July at the apartment of a family friend. He happens to be the building manager of an apartment building on the Upper East Side, with a view of the East River. I was kind of nervous, with taking the baby, and the fireworks not starting until 9:20. I wasn't sure if Gideon would fall asleep, or get cranky or sleepy. But our host told us it wouldn't be a problem, and that we could bring the pack-n-play, and that I could set it up in the bedroom. Ok, so we packed up 2 diaper bags, like we were going on a safari or something, and over the river and under the bridge, off we went.

The windows in the living room
(and assorted guests)

When we arrived, I was literally awestruck. I mean, it was this amazing apartment/condo with floor to ceiling windows. It was beautifully decorated, and, oh yes...the food! Amazing food. I meant to take pictures of it, but I was too busy scarfing it down. Humongous lobster tails, colossal shrimp, a gorgeous salad, baked potatoes. And the desserts! The desserts! I actually got pictures of those. Our host was extremely gracious, and immensely generous. He went over the top to make sure we had a good time, and let me tell you, everyone had an absolute fabulouso time.

Beautiful table, set for dinner

Various Italian desserts and a tres leches my mom made.

Platter of flat peaches and mangoes, a bowl of lychees, and a delicious homemade flan.

Giant bowl of cherries(with the flan sneaking in to the picture)

Pretty plate of fresh figs

All of the guests were people from our church. A woman brought her two sons, ages 5 and 3. Gideon was so excited, you would have thought that they came just to entertain him. I have never seen him so thrilled. He was laughing and playing. I thought that they might get too rough, but I think they could have thrown Gideon on the floor and body slammed him, and he would have still been hysterically laughing. Apparently,boys do that.

At around 8:30pm, we all took the elevator to the PENTHOUSE, so that we could view the fireworks in style. Notice I wrote penthouse in all caps, because I am that easily impressed. Gideon stayed awake until the end, making minimal fuss. Everyone appreciated how well behaved he is. We take no credit for this. He is a blessing to us. He was born sweet natured and non-annoying.

Amazing view

Gideon takes turns viewing the fireworks. Apparently mommy is comfy.

My first fourth of July onesie.

In case you were wondering, my dad started the tradition of wearing patriotic t-shirts on the 4th of July. Thank goodness, Old Navy makes it easy by selling those flag tshirts. We used to have to search for them as kids. I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse.
It's become a morning routine on the weekends. Gideon wakes up around 6am or 7am fully energized and ready to play. Unlike his parents, Gideon can be quite the morning person and he displays his enthusiasm by way of forceful tapping on my body (kind of like he is playing the bongos on me) anywhere his hand can reach ..... leg, belly, neck, eyeball....literally anywhere.
He also makes spur of the moment type noises (without any warning at all) intermixed with ada, dada, ita, and bobby (Who's bobby? Don't know. Alexa and I think he's trying to say mommy when he says Bobby). Despite my most valiant efforts in trying to get a few more minutes of sleep, he causes all this commotion within 10 inches from my ear causing me to jump, twitch and nearly fall off the bed. Perhaps he enjoys to startle daddy or maybe it is his way of reminding me that it's almost time for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The timeless mouse appears on the TV screen and says "Hello everybody" with his infamous high pitch voice. Then the catchy tune begins to play..... "It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.... Come inside, it's fun inside." Gideon yelps and claps at the television, scaring away Miggy in the process. Alexa and I get into it and join in on the singing, bringing even more joy to the occasion.
Gideon usually loses focus about 5 minutes later when there is more dialogue and less music. Then, he attempts to eat the remote control. Miggy comes back. Upon catching view of Miggy's golden, yellowish fur, Gideon once again commences to smile. But Miggy is never amused and glares at Gideon suspiciously.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

This one is not so recent, but I thought it was a cute picture of Alexa (the main tool) and Gideon (the add-on solution). No, I am not calling Alexa a tool in the negative sense, it is just my quirky way of describing their close relationship using technology terminology....I won't bore you with the details.

Here, Gideon has his first encounter in a pool. He just loved the water.