Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life's a Beach
Gideon is so cute at the beach
Last Friday, I had taken off from work to be with my family. Working full-time is hard sometimes, knowing that Gideon is doing all sorts of fun things without me. Alex had to work in the morning, but we were able to drive down the shore in the afternoon. We didn't have a particular destination, it just had to have sand and surf.

Beach boardwalk picture I found on the internet. No, I don't know who the man walking and playing the violin is.

We made our way to Bradley Beach, which is past Ocean Grove and near Belmar. It's a nice quiet stretch, with a big spacious boardwalk. No rides, games, and sadly no funnelcake. It was a beautiful day, clear blue skies, warm hazy sun. The only thing was the wind. I got whoop-lashed, as Andrea used to say, by the sand. Everything was getting blown away, and I got grumpy. I like sitting back and enjoying the sound of the ocean. I don't like the feeling of sand in my tankini. You know what I mean. Needless to say, my grumpiness was kind of a downer. Alex accused me of ruining the outing for him and Gideon. I looked down at my son. Does he look annoyed?

Mommy, you are like, sooo bringing me down.

Ok, so we moved our blanket to an area where the tornado-like winds were not affecting us, and I apologized for my grumpiness, and we were all happy again.

Gideon played on the sand for a while, succeeding in getting some in his mouth. He very much enjoyed digging his toes into the cool sand. I buried his legs and feet, and he just sat there staring at me until I un-buried him. He has a very powerful stare.

He loves being lifted into the air. He always needs to know who is doing the lifting. Mommy is in the first picture, Daddy in the second.


Bryna said...

That picture of him where you are "bringin' him down" is SO adorable!!!! Little smirk... love it!

Andrea said...

Thanks for finally mentioning me in one of your blogs!!! I think people might forget you have a sister :.( But doesn't that picture of that guy playing the violin look like Pastor Rich? I think so...