Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing

Ahhhhh..... Rhythmic words from the famous bandleader and jazz composer, Duke Ellington. You who are reading this blog post probably have the tune of the song in your head right now. Don't you hate that? A tune in your head that's stuck there until who knows when -- just until the next tune gets stuck in your head.

Anyway, I actually don't agree with the actual saying. I just thought it would be a catchy title. The reality is that there are plenty of things that Gideon does that have meaning, and yet have no swing.

For instance, Gideon smiles -- whether on the cusp of a laugh because of a new noise he heard or because daddy is singing along to the Wonder Pets new adventure; "saving the baby giraffe, stuck in a whirlpool, in outer space.....this is sewious, what are we going to do"........ This is not an actual episode, but rather an exaggerated version made up by me of all the Wonder Pets episodes. I can't help it, sarcasm runneth over the brim when I'm watching kids shows with Gideon. Yet, Gideon laughing and smiling with me (or at me) when I sing is meaningful to me.

Another example is when Gideon rocks back and forth on his hands and knees. This action is a precursor to crawling. This too is meaningful.

But above all, it is meaningful to me to know that my son has overcome so many challenges in his 8 months of life, with God's help of course.

He sways in the wind as I gently push him. The summer breeze flows through his lightweight, brownish-blonde hair to the backdrop of children playing in the playground.

Perhaps the only purpose of this act is for pure enjoyment - but one thing is for sure, this swing means lots of things to me. Enjoy the photos.


Alexa said...

I just love that picture. Isn't Alex a fantastic photographer? Three cheers for Alex!

Bryna said...

I think that his subject photographs nicely too. It's easier to take pictures of someone you love. :)