Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gideon's Day at the Zoo
We recently had an outing with Alex's brother Israel, his wife Joyce, and their two boys Luis Jr. and Israel Jr. This fun filled outing took place at Van Saun Park. If you haven't ever been to Van Saun Park in Paramus, and you have kids, you should definitely go. They have a zoo, a train ride, a carousel, pony rides, and of course the must-have play ground. I was pretty excited about this. This is the reason why I was so happy to have kids. I mean, I can't very well ride around on a carousel all day, having my picture taken. But if I have a BABY with me, then it's all good.
We started off by going to see the animals at the zoo. Gideon slept in his stroller for some of it, but then he woke up to find himself not in a nice air conditioned car, but in a steamy, smelly place with wild animals staring at him. That is why he looks so serious in all of these pictures. Normally I wouldn't let you see a yucky picture of myself, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices if your kid is cuter than you.

He didn't seem too happy, but he perked up when he saw that his cousins were around. His favorite thing in life is to grab Izzy's ears, and put his feets on Izzy's head. Notice how Gideon makes himself at home as we wait for the train.
Next was my favorite thing: the carousel! I got tokens for the boys, and waited on line. I was the only "grown-up" going with them. Mucho excitement all around. I didn't count on the possibility that Gideon might not like to sit on a metal horse going up and down, as the entire platform goes around in circles. Or that he would want to eat the bar that you hold on to. That he may try to squirm off the horse, so I could hold him, and then get mad at me when I made him stay strapped in.

All in all, a very nice day. We hope to be able to do this on a regular basis. Soon, Gideon will be able to appreciate the fun carousel. For now, mommy will just have to ride by herself. Oh well.

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Bryna said...

Alexa! I LOVE Van Saun Park! My favorite part was when we got to feed the ducks. And I liked the jungle gym that they used to have. (which I'm sure they have taken out and installed one of those "tupperware" kind - someone can hurt themselved on good 'ol fashioned monkey bars!)

Gideon is SO adorable! Even when he looks startled from being out of the air conditioning. :)