Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blackmail Pictures

I figure I can hold on to these pictures, and whip them out when Gideon is a teenager. My tub had gotten clogged up, so I had to do a quick bath in the bathroom sink. Doesn't he look big?

He is eating his rubber ducky here.

This one isn't so blackmaily, but it's cute.


Amy said...

LOL! You should see the blackmail shots I've got of Zoe...and now that I think of it...Ty too! I have a shot of Zoe leaving the house (from behind) with ONLY boots on. And Ty...let's just say he likes to play dress up with Zoe when she's in the "Princess Box".

Jane said...

Adorable! He is getting big! He's starting to look more boy than baby! Sniff. At this rate, I hope I get to see him again before he's a teenager!