Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life's a Beach
Gideon is so cute at the beach
Last Friday, I had taken off from work to be with my family. Working full-time is hard sometimes, knowing that Gideon is doing all sorts of fun things without me. Alex had to work in the morning, but we were able to drive down the shore in the afternoon. We didn't have a particular destination, it just had to have sand and surf.

Beach boardwalk picture I found on the internet. No, I don't know who the man walking and playing the violin is.

We made our way to Bradley Beach, which is past Ocean Grove and near Belmar. It's a nice quiet stretch, with a big spacious boardwalk. No rides, games, and sadly no funnelcake. It was a beautiful day, clear blue skies, warm hazy sun. The only thing was the wind. I got whoop-lashed, as Andrea used to say, by the sand. Everything was getting blown away, and I got grumpy. I like sitting back and enjoying the sound of the ocean. I don't like the feeling of sand in my tankini. You know what I mean. Needless to say, my grumpiness was kind of a downer. Alex accused me of ruining the outing for him and Gideon. I looked down at my son. Does he look annoyed?

Mommy, you are like, sooo bringing me down.

Ok, so we moved our blanket to an area where the tornado-like winds were not affecting us, and I apologized for my grumpiness, and we were all happy again.

Gideon played on the sand for a while, succeeding in getting some in his mouth. He very much enjoyed digging his toes into the cool sand. I buried his legs and feet, and he just sat there staring at me until I un-buried him. He has a very powerful stare.

He loves being lifted into the air. He always needs to know who is doing the lifting. Mommy is in the first picture, Daddy in the second.

One of Our Favorite Jaunts

It was almost 4 years ago that Alex and I took one of our usual walks on the New Jersey side of the Hudson river. It was a chilly night in November, and I was dressed in sweats, and my frizzy hair was pulled back into a sloppy ponytail. It was a night like any other, except for the fact that it was the night that my husband got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.
A week ago, we decided that it was Gideon's time to take his first look at the NYC skyline. We took Route 4 to the Fort Lee exit, and drove into West New York. Alex technically proposed in Weehawken, but it's pretty much the same walk. We put him in the stroller and went into Hamilton Park. I pointed out that it seemed that LOOKING, WALKING and RELAXING were not permitted. We took a chance and did so anyway. We are rebels!

See my beautiful son? He really knows to look at the camera now. Gideon didn't really appreciate the view as much as he appreciated watching kids playing and dogs walking. It actually really struck me that the sight of the skyline is completely different to Gideon than it was to me when I was little. That he will always see it as it is now, never missing the fact that two towers are gone. I am glad, however, that he did not have to experience the horror of that day, and I pray he never will.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gideon's Day at the Zoo
We recently had an outing with Alex's brother Israel, his wife Joyce, and their two boys Luis Jr. and Israel Jr. This fun filled outing took place at Van Saun Park. If you haven't ever been to Van Saun Park in Paramus, and you have kids, you should definitely go. They have a zoo, a train ride, a carousel, pony rides, and of course the must-have play ground. I was pretty excited about this. This is the reason why I was so happy to have kids. I mean, I can't very well ride around on a carousel all day, having my picture taken. But if I have a BABY with me, then it's all good.
We started off by going to see the animals at the zoo. Gideon slept in his stroller for some of it, but then he woke up to find himself not in a nice air conditioned car, but in a steamy, smelly place with wild animals staring at him. That is why he looks so serious in all of these pictures. Normally I wouldn't let you see a yucky picture of myself, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices if your kid is cuter than you.

He didn't seem too happy, but he perked up when he saw that his cousins were around. His favorite thing in life is to grab Izzy's ears, and put his feets on Izzy's head. Notice how Gideon makes himself at home as we wait for the train.
Next was my favorite thing: the carousel! I got tokens for the boys, and waited on line. I was the only "grown-up" going with them. Mucho excitement all around. I didn't count on the possibility that Gideon might not like to sit on a metal horse going up and down, as the entire platform goes around in circles. Or that he would want to eat the bar that you hold on to. That he may try to squirm off the horse, so I could hold him, and then get mad at me when I made him stay strapped in.

All in all, a very nice day. We hope to be able to do this on a regular basis. Soon, Gideon will be able to appreciate the fun carousel. For now, mommy will just have to ride by herself. Oh well.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing

Ahhhhh..... Rhythmic words from the famous bandleader and jazz composer, Duke Ellington. You who are reading this blog post probably have the tune of the song in your head right now. Don't you hate that? A tune in your head that's stuck there until who knows when -- just until the next tune gets stuck in your head.

Anyway, I actually don't agree with the actual saying. I just thought it would be a catchy title. The reality is that there are plenty of things that Gideon does that have meaning, and yet have no swing.

For instance, Gideon smiles -- whether on the cusp of a laugh because of a new noise he heard or because daddy is singing along to the Wonder Pets new adventure; "saving the baby giraffe, stuck in a whirlpool, in outer space.....this is sewious, what are we going to do"........ This is not an actual episode, but rather an exaggerated version made up by me of all the Wonder Pets episodes. I can't help it, sarcasm runneth over the brim when I'm watching kids shows with Gideon. Yet, Gideon laughing and smiling with me (or at me) when I sing is meaningful to me.

Another example is when Gideon rocks back and forth on his hands and knees. This action is a precursor to crawling. This too is meaningful.

But above all, it is meaningful to me to know that my son has overcome so many challenges in his 8 months of life, with God's help of course.

He sways in the wind as I gently push him. The summer breeze flows through his lightweight, brownish-blonde hair to the backdrop of children playing in the playground.

Perhaps the only purpose of this act is for pure enjoyment - but one thing is for sure, this swing means lots of things to me. Enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blackmail Pictures

I figure I can hold on to these pictures, and whip them out when Gideon is a teenager. My tub had gotten clogged up, so I had to do a quick bath in the bathroom sink. Doesn't he look big?

He is eating his rubber ducky here.

This one isn't so blackmaily, but it's cute.