Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gideon's First Day at the Jersey Shore

This Monday, Alex and I packed up my parent's RAV4, and drove down to Long Branch for the annual NJLA conference. We are fortunate that the conference takes place at the Ocean Place Conference Center, which is right on the boardwalk, and just steps away from the ocean. This is a pretty nice resort, and I highly recommend it to all who want to visit the quiet side of the Jersey Shore.
Although we were only going on an overnight trip, we had to pack the stroller, the car seat, the packnplay, the diaper bag, another bag of clothes and toys, plus our overnight bag, and a bag with bottles and food. Gone are the days of one overnight bag for the two of us. It is actually amazing how much STUFF we needed. I had to pack for every possibility, including explosive diarrhea, which happened during breakfast. Eww. I also, for the first time, had to make sure he wore a sunhat and sunblock.

The rooms at this resort, are pretty elegant, however, it quickly looked like a Gymboree had exploded all over the place. I won't bore anyone with the details of the conference, although I did get to meet two authors, which being a bookworm, makes me all giddy. Also, since I took Gideon everywhere, he got to meet his first authors also. EXCITING.
If you are wondering if Gideon loved the beach, wonder no more! HE LOVED IT. As we walked down toward the ocean, he broke into the biggest smile. When he sat down on the sand, he immediately started to play with it, and of course, try to eat it. Don't worry Grandmas, he didn't actually ingest any. No sand in the poop. The water was way too cold for swimming, so we don't don't have any bathing suit pictures. However, doesn't my boy look cute in his sunhat? I really enjoy attending this conference, and feel privileged that I am allowed to attend and bring my family, however I have to admit it was difficult this year to sit at the workshops knowing my husband and baby were outside in the sunshine without me. We will have to plan another family-getaway soon, now that we know how much of a beach baby he is.

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Bryna said...

The place you stayed at looks REALLY nice... and of course, Gideon is adorable in his orange hat. :)