Thursday, April 19, 2007

Family Reunion

I am not one who likes large gatherings. But when I received a call from my mom this past Saturday informing me that my Tia Maria from Puerto Rico was going to my Tia Rosa's house the same day, I couldn't resist making plans to go see her.

With a wife she's yet to meet and cute baby boy available to bring smiles and joy to her life, I was sure my Tia Maria was eager to see me too. I was right. We hugged, reminisced about the good old days when I accompanied my parents to our yearly Summer Puerto Rican vacation with family members that didn't hesitate to laugh at my distorted Spanish. For fear of revealing my skinny body (it was a very long time ago) I wore my Mets jacket and cap at all times during those days.

Joining my Tia Maria and Tio Mudo at the gathering were the people who provided food and shelter for them -- apparently also members of my family who live in Camden.

At an early age I knew I had a big family when I discovered that my grandparents had approximately 12 children (I never know the actual number).

I did recall that I had family in Camden, but kinda forgot. It's a long story but suffice it to say that interactions were scarce. There was no animosity, just a lack of motivation to keep in contact, as sad as it may sound. But bygones are bygones.

Upon arriving to the gathering place, I met cousins I've never seen before. It was shocking to see the house quickly fill up with about 20 people, including chilldren, who were also my cousins, and I guess Gideon's cousins too.

Alexa, Gideon and I had lots of fun.

One day Gideon will realize the extent and history of his family -- part of his legacy.

For now, I'm just hoping for the day that he verbally recognizes that I am his daddy. Sure, he says "dada" already, but it's probably because he thinks it is a funny word when I say it, as demonstrated by his distinct smile.

Gideon, cousin Stephanie and Alexa enjoying the bubbles.

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Andrea said...

Hi Alex and Alexa and of course Gideon,
I thought that was really nice that you had a family reunion there. Perhaps you can have one here! I miss you guys and hope to see you in September.
Auntie Andi