Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gideon’s Smile

He is known as a menacing cat.

Over 8 years ago, I found him in a precarious situation enclosed in an empty apartment full of broken glass and feces. He had a slight cut on his nose and was at least half the size he is now. A large English Springer Spaniel puppy that had known nothing but negligence was harassing him. Sitting atop a windowsill with a ray light reflecting in the background and nothing but his paws to offer some minimal protection, Miggy cried.

His body language indicated to me that he hadn’t been fed in days. He was hungry, as was the dog. This created a survival of the fittest scenario where Miggy’s life was in danger. That day I brought him home.

This scene is one that is part of a much larger story of abuse and neglect. I’ve mentioned in the past that I saved Miggy, but never offered an explanation. Fortunately, I have been able to purposefully forget some of the details.

He is about 10 years old now and we’ve been together for a long time. I call him my shadow for he follows me everywhere I go. Sometime between mid-February and mid-March is his birthday. So, happy birthday Miggy.

The past few weeks I have witnessed numerous interactions with Gideon and Miggy. I remember a few weeks ago when Gideon was speaking to Miggy as Alexa and I speak to Gideon sometimes. It was cute.

Their eyes meet often these days as if they are getting to know each other – always from a distance though. Yesterday, Gideon smiled at him, as he does with everyone else who isn’t scary. No prejudice. No recollection of history. No fear. Just the pure smile that many of us have experienced already.

There is a certain peace that emanates from Gideon’s smile. For that brief moment in time, all is forgotten. I’m not sure if Miggy recalls his sad past, but I wonder if he felt the peace as others do when Gideon smiled at him.

Here are some recent random pictures for your enjoyment.

Whoa! Look out! Look out rubber ducky!

This photo was taken at our recent, loud Mexican restaurant
adventure in Union City. Story by Alexa to come soon.

Another picture of Miggy

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