Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gideon Discovers the Spoon and Handheld Video Games

Sitting firmly on my lap, Gideon looked at me suspiciously as if he knew something was up. He looked at Alexa holding a bowl of baby rice cereal with her left hand and waving a bright red plastic spoon full of the stuff with her right hand. At first, he didn't want to open his mouth, though he smiled as Alexa and I made funny noises. He started spreading the cereal all over the place, including my arm, shirt and face. After much trial and error he ate some of it too. The photo below tells the rest of the story about our first adventure with Gideon and spoon fed food.

Gideon has 2 first cousins. They are my only brother's sons. When Gideon gets together with his cousins, the fun never stops. They all love music too. Luis is the older one and loves to read and play piano. Israel is a ball of energy and makes Gideon smile a lot. I say Israel has ants in his pants. Him mom says all the ants have pitchforks. He just never seems to run out of energy. To them I am their "Tio Alex." As you can see from the picture below, boys will be boys.

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