Friday, March 16, 2007

Dinner and a Baby

OK, so I know Alex told everyone in the last post that I would tell the story of our dinner out in Union City the other day, so here it goes. Alex and I love food (in case you haven't noticed by our chubbiness). We like eating out. We enjoy trying out new places. And we don't mind driving to fulfill a craving. One Sunday afternoon, we both had a craving for cheese steaks. And if you have a cheese steak craving, you get in the car and you drive to Philly. That is what you do. However, on this particular afternoon, we had a Cuban craving. Really to me, it was just a Spanish food craving. But Alex had a Cuban sandwich craving.
Now, for all of you that have kids, you know that your criteria for restaurants has changed. It's no longer the best reviewed place, or the restaurant with the great view. It's the "does the stroller fit here?"restaurant. It's the "if he starts crying, how many people will he annoy?" restaurant. So, we take the stroller and start walking down Bergenline. This is a main street with lots of shops and restaurants. Very urban; very Hispanic.

We don't have a specific restaurant in mind, just following our noses. We see a promising little Colombian bakery that promises the best Cuban sandwiches, however we walk in and there is no way our giant stroller is going to fit. We keep walking. Then we see a sign for "The Havana". Promising, right? Havana, Cuba! We look in and see that it is very spacious; not too many people. And, lo and behold, there is another family in there with a baby in a stroller! So, in case he starts crying, we have someone who will look over at us with compassion and understanding. Alex and I feel we hit the Cuban sandwich jackpot. We maneuver the stroller around various tables, until we reach the perfect table with a large enough space to park the monster stroller. We sit and the waitress comes over. She leans over with the most cleavage I have ever seen on another woman ever. She asks me a question, yet I cannot hear her.
Why, you may ask? Why can I not hear the cleavage exposing waitress, when she is not 6 inches away? Because at that precise moment, the loudest and most obnoxious Mexican music has started playing on the jukebox. I don't just mean loud, like in club loud or bar loud. I mean loud, like in rock concert loud. Heavy metal loud. Except that it is tejano music. Tex-Mex music. Really, really annoying music. Now, if you are reading this, and you are a tejano music fan, then I am sorry. For you. For your horrid taste in music. But, I digress. You may wonder why they are playing tejano music in a Cuban restaurant. Aha, this is where the sleep deprivation comes in. We THOUGHT it said "The Havana". However, it really said "The HaBana". With a "B". Like in Habanero pepper. Sigh. I know. Now, do we walk out? After all the maneuvering? Does Alex ever get his Cuban sandwich? What about all the drunk Mexican men? Stay tuned until next post dear friends. For now, enjoy the last snow of the season (Please God, no more snow). Gideon sends his love. (in a screeching kind of way.)

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- Amy said...

As someone who can currently completely relate to the whole "craving" thing, I feel for you. I hope you did end up getting either a good meal, or your Cuban Sandwich. Now I think I want a Philly Cheese Steak. Road trip anyone?

- Amy