Monday, February 19, 2007

Moments of Silence

I enjoy every moment with my son - times of laughter, singing, enlightening conversations, and even diaper changes and incessant crying episodes. But the most special time of all takes place immediately after Gideon is done burping after finishing his bottle.

During these select moments, Gideon and I share a mutual enjoyment of contemplative silence. He leans on my chest and looks upward with his bright brown eyes to check if I'm still there. I look down at him with assuring eyes. He then checks and checks again, smiles and then snuggles up to sleep. But not before looking up once again to triple check that I'm still there. He grabs onto my index finger tightly, almost as if he's making sure that I don't go anywhere. Then he falls asleep.

Photos cannot capture the true essence of these special moments. So here are some other recent pictures of Gideon. Enjoy.

Shock and Awwww Campaign

Baby Bjorn Adventures with Daddy

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Jane said...

It's amazing to me that this is the same baby who had major surgery about a month ago! He certainly thrives!