Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Head of the Nursery

Gideon seemed securely positioned. I used Alexa's infamous pregnancy body pillow to wrap around his waist to keep him secure as he sat on the plush rug. It was playtime and there was a sense of adventure in the nursery. Both Gideon and I could feel it in the air. Like Diego, we were going forward on our trek through the jungle.

Mozart from his Gyminee played in the background and the faint noises of “meow meow” was heard from beyond the door. It was Miggy letting me know that he felt lonely and wanted to be petted. What’s new? Anyway, it was Gideon time so I had to ignore my faithful cat.

Gideon and I are playing with his toy car and loving every moment of it. The baby blue and light green d├ęcor of the walls with images of planes, trains and trucks made the time even more enjoyable to Gideon as he would occasionally look around his room.

All is well with the world. No really, it was -- birds were chirping just outside the window and everything.

Then, low and behold….the horror!

My eyes have been witness to some horrible occurrences. Early on in my life the neighborhoods I grew up in offered views of real life situations that kids should not see. As an adult, I’ve gone through things that 7o year old men have not experienced in their lifetime. Yet, this first of a kind event easily ranks among the top 5 scariest moments in my life.

Of course, it all happened in slow motion and yet, I could not prevent it from happening. It was as if time was mocking me.

I hear the “clunk” on the floor.

Gideon took a head dive!

The seconds from the time of impact to the first whimpers were critical. So I reached out to hold him and the crying began. It was one of those where there is significant silence in between breaths. I embraced him and rubbed my hand up and down his back saying, “Sssshhh, it’s ok, it’s ok.”

Within about 30 seconds the crying ceased and we instantly began playing Super Baby, which he is by the way. He was just fine.

I know that he’ll have many more head adventures as he attempts to master sitting, crawling and then walking. It was only about 6 years ago, when Alexa and I were dating, where I had what seemed to be every flower from a tree fall on my big head as I attempted to pick one for Alexa. I’m not quite the smooth operator but she married me anyway. But this story is for another occasion .

In any case, let’s not forget that Gideon has probably been through more head pain than many of us will ever face in a lifetime as a result of his craniosynostosis. After the surgery we were extra careful with his head. Now, just about a month from the surgery, this head dive occurs.

If anything, this event is a sign of victory. It reminds me that he is indeed a miracle baby. He is 100% fine and can take falls from time to time. Of course, I will do everything in my power to avoid this happening again in the near future, but wooh, what a relief!

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Jane said...

What a lovely tribute.
What a lucky family!