Thursday, February 22, 2007

Going to Grandma's

Everything was prepared. As Gideon took his afternoon nap, I gathered his coat and set the car seat on the dining room table with the security belts stretched outward. Then I dressed up. Once Gideon woke up all I had to do was pick him up from the bassinet, run to the car seat, secure him in, pick up his coat, grab the car keys, put on my baseball cap (who has time to comb their hair anymore) and run down the steep set of stairs of our second floor apartment.

I checked my work email to make sure there were no emergencies. Then the phone rang. It's Gideon's Grandma Ana asking me if I was going to bring him over there. I said yes, but that I was waiting for him to wake up so I can feed him and change his diaper before going out. But she was worried about me getting work done and convinced me that I should just bring him sooner rather than later. I agreed and took her advice. So I called Alexa at work and told her I was on my way out to bring Gideon to her mom's house.

So I gently pick Gideon up. He fidgets and whines a bit because the little prince doesn’t like his deep slumber to be disturbed by any means. Ok. I put him in the car seat and he goes back to sleep right away.

I grab the car seat, walk out the door and go down the stairs. I opened the door, which leads to a tiny foyer, maneuver the car seat around the tight corners, and open the front door of the house to discover a beautiful day. Good thing I took the time to plan the trip. Mission accomplished. Right?

Well, as I commence to walk across the melting snow on the edge of the sidewalk, I realized something.

I forgot the coat.

So I turn around, with a 15 pound Gideon sitting inside a seemingly 15 pound car seat still being carried by my right hand. I open the front door, slide my way into the foyer and proceed to walk up about 20 or so steps. I open the door, dragging my right foot on the floor with the car seat right in front to create an impenetrable, moving wall so that Miggy doesn't run out and escape.

I am still carrying the car seat, walk into the nursery and see the coat. I get it and run out the door. Once again, I go down what seems like 50 flight of stairs, open the door, maneuver in the tight foyer, open the front door of the building and out into the fresh air again. Off we go.

Did I mention how beautiful the day was?

So I made my way across the street. Halfway to the car I dig into my pockets and guess what? No keys!

Well, there is a little tune of frustration that I began to hum. Those closest to me know about it, but I think given a similar situation, you too may have a frustration tune of your own.

So I turn around. Walk across the melting snow. Walk up about 5 steps to the front porch. Open the outside door. Wiggle around the restricted confines of the foyer. Open another door and walk up about what looked like 100 flight of stairs.

Out of breath, I made it to the top of the staircase. I open the wall, I mean the door, and do the impenetrable door, I mean wall thingy to keep Miggy in captivity. I walk into the apartment. I find my keys and we're off.

To make an already long narrative short, I made it to the car successfully this time. Throughout this entire misadventure Gideon was sound asleep.

I turn on the car and the crying begins and continues throughout most of the trip to Grandma Ana’s house.

Good thing I had my baseball cap on the whole time.


P.S. By the way, check out the slideshow below. Isn't it cool? I plan to post all future pics in this manner.


Amy Higby said...

Okay...I love reading your blogs, guys. You are both great writers and so hysterical. Alex...just think of all the money you save not going to the gym. Who needs one? You've got your own "stair master" right there by your front door! Gideon is absolutely adorable...

Jane said...

I agree with Amy!