Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Head of the Nursery

Gideon seemed securely positioned. I used Alexa's infamous pregnancy body pillow to wrap around his waist to keep him secure as he sat on the plush rug. It was playtime and there was a sense of adventure in the nursery. Both Gideon and I could feel it in the air. Like Diego, we were going forward on our trek through the jungle.

Mozart from his Gyminee played in the background and the faint noises of “meow meow” was heard from beyond the door. It was Miggy letting me know that he felt lonely and wanted to be petted. What’s new? Anyway, it was Gideon time so I had to ignore my faithful cat.

Gideon and I are playing with his toy car and loving every moment of it. The baby blue and light green d├ęcor of the walls with images of planes, trains and trucks made the time even more enjoyable to Gideon as he would occasionally look around his room.

All is well with the world. No really, it was -- birds were chirping just outside the window and everything.

Then, low and behold….the horror!

My eyes have been witness to some horrible occurrences. Early on in my life the neighborhoods I grew up in offered views of real life situations that kids should not see. As an adult, I’ve gone through things that 7o year old men have not experienced in their lifetime. Yet, this first of a kind event easily ranks among the top 5 scariest moments in my life.

Of course, it all happened in slow motion and yet, I could not prevent it from happening. It was as if time was mocking me.

I hear the “clunk” on the floor.

Gideon took a head dive!

The seconds from the time of impact to the first whimpers were critical. So I reached out to hold him and the crying began. It was one of those where there is significant silence in between breaths. I embraced him and rubbed my hand up and down his back saying, “Sssshhh, it’s ok, it’s ok.”

Within about 30 seconds the crying ceased and we instantly began playing Super Baby, which he is by the way. He was just fine.

I know that he’ll have many more head adventures as he attempts to master sitting, crawling and then walking. It was only about 6 years ago, when Alexa and I were dating, where I had what seemed to be every flower from a tree fall on my big head as I attempted to pick one for Alexa. I’m not quite the smooth operator but she married me anyway. But this story is for another occasion .

In any case, let’s not forget that Gideon has probably been through more head pain than many of us will ever face in a lifetime as a result of his craniosynostosis. After the surgery we were extra careful with his head. Now, just about a month from the surgery, this head dive occurs.

If anything, this event is a sign of victory. It reminds me that he is indeed a miracle baby. He is 100% fine and can take falls from time to time. Of course, I will do everything in my power to avoid this happening again in the near future, but wooh, what a relief!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

A very happy Chinese New Year to you all!

Gideon is sporting a fashionable lucky red envelope given to him by a woman at my job. We were going to go to Chinatown tomorrow (Sunday, the 25th) but the weather forecast does not look favorable, plus my parents were concerned that Gideon would be startled with the constant firecracker sounds. There is always next year. Hopefully, Gideon won't be scared of the dragon in the parade, like some people who cried every year and ruined it for her older sister. I won't mention names, but it starts with an "A" and it ends in "ndrea".

Gideon is playing with his envelope: Peekaboo Mama!

Gideon tires of his envelope. On to the next source of entertainment: A chewy turtle!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Comment from Alexa, the attackee:
Gideon gets a bath every night, right before his bottle. He starts anticipating getting fed during his bath, and last night decided to start early by chomping on my arm. Imagine his frustration when despite his very strenuous efforts, no milk emerged from my arm. I found it so funny, that I quickly called Alex over, and told him to bring the camera. Hopefully, we will include many more videos in the future. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Going to Grandma's

Everything was prepared. As Gideon took his afternoon nap, I gathered his coat and set the car seat on the dining room table with the security belts stretched outward. Then I dressed up. Once Gideon woke up all I had to do was pick him up from the bassinet, run to the car seat, secure him in, pick up his coat, grab the car keys, put on my baseball cap (who has time to comb their hair anymore) and run down the steep set of stairs of our second floor apartment.

I checked my work email to make sure there were no emergencies. Then the phone rang. It's Gideon's Grandma Ana asking me if I was going to bring him over there. I said yes, but that I was waiting for him to wake up so I can feed him and change his diaper before going out. But she was worried about me getting work done and convinced me that I should just bring him sooner rather than later. I agreed and took her advice. So I called Alexa at work and told her I was on my way out to bring Gideon to her mom's house.

So I gently pick Gideon up. He fidgets and whines a bit because the little prince doesn’t like his deep slumber to be disturbed by any means. Ok. I put him in the car seat and he goes back to sleep right away.

I grab the car seat, walk out the door and go down the stairs. I opened the door, which leads to a tiny foyer, maneuver the car seat around the tight corners, and open the front door of the house to discover a beautiful day. Good thing I took the time to plan the trip. Mission accomplished. Right?

Well, as I commence to walk across the melting snow on the edge of the sidewalk, I realized something.

I forgot the coat.

So I turn around, with a 15 pound Gideon sitting inside a seemingly 15 pound car seat still being carried by my right hand. I open the front door, slide my way into the foyer and proceed to walk up about 20 or so steps. I open the door, dragging my right foot on the floor with the car seat right in front to create an impenetrable, moving wall so that Miggy doesn't run out and escape.

I am still carrying the car seat, walk into the nursery and see the coat. I get it and run out the door. Once again, I go down what seems like 50 flight of stairs, open the door, maneuver in the tight foyer, open the front door of the building and out into the fresh air again. Off we go.

Did I mention how beautiful the day was?

So I made my way across the street. Halfway to the car I dig into my pockets and guess what? No keys!

Well, there is a little tune of frustration that I began to hum. Those closest to me know about it, but I think given a similar situation, you too may have a frustration tune of your own.

So I turn around. Walk across the melting snow. Walk up about 5 steps to the front porch. Open the outside door. Wiggle around the restricted confines of the foyer. Open another door and walk up about what looked like 100 flight of stairs.

Out of breath, I made it to the top of the staircase. I open the wall, I mean the door, and do the impenetrable door, I mean wall thingy to keep Miggy in captivity. I walk into the apartment. I find my keys and we're off.

To make an already long narrative short, I made it to the car successfully this time. Throughout this entire misadventure Gideon was sound asleep.

I turn on the car and the crying begins and continues throughout most of the trip to Grandma Ana’s house.

Good thing I had my baseball cap on the whole time.


P.S. By the way, check out the slideshow below. Isn't it cool? I plan to post all future pics in this manner.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Moments of Silence

I enjoy every moment with my son - times of laughter, singing, enlightening conversations, and even diaper changes and incessant crying episodes. But the most special time of all takes place immediately after Gideon is done burping after finishing his bottle.

During these select moments, Gideon and I share a mutual enjoyment of contemplative silence. He leans on my chest and looks upward with his bright brown eyes to check if I'm still there. I look down at him with assuring eyes. He then checks and checks again, smiles and then snuggles up to sleep. But not before looking up once again to triple check that I'm still there. He grabs onto my index finger tightly, almost as if he's making sure that I don't go anywhere. Then he falls asleep.

Photos cannot capture the true essence of these special moments. So here are some other recent pictures of Gideon. Enjoy.

Shock and Awwww Campaign

Baby Bjorn Adventures with Daddy

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gideon received his very first Valentine's Day card from one of his adoring female admirers (it was Shelley, from work). He proceeded to hug it, and then he tried to eat it. I, of course, spent the morning at work, fuming because the library was open. I had promised Gideon that I would get to stay home, so it was my first time deceiving him. I imagine he was heartbroken, even though he pretended to be fine. The roads were pretty treacherous, however Tracey from work was super generous and offered to pick me up and take me home. She has one of those SUV's with an automatic starter, and get this...heated seats! My tush was sooo warm. It was quite an exciting car ride. Alex took a picture of the road from our living room window:

When I got home, Alex was preparing a surprise for me. He did not have a chance to go out and get me a Valentine, so he decided to make one for me. Want to see?

It's a cake that says I LOVE YOU. Isn't he the sweetest? We made a joke about him being the wife, but he asked me not to call him that in the blog post. So, I won't. Thank you, honey! I love you just as much as I love cake. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Confessions of a First Time Mom
Hello, my name is Alexa Soto, and I am a Gideon-aholic. I can imagine a support group where mothers who are addicted to the smell of their baby's neck, and the chubbiness of their cheeks, stand in a circle and confess that they haven't vacuumed their bedroom in months because they are too busy blowing raspberries on their baby's tummy. I would be president of this group, but I would never attend meetings because I would be busy inhaling Gideon's head.

Yesterday, I had off from work, and I was so sure that I would spend the majority of the day cleaning and scrubbing my house until it sparkled and planes would see it shine from the sky. However, first I had to feed and change Gideon, and then we decided to take a nap together, and when we woke up there was much laughing to do while we played with bear and Aretha the lamb. We had a full schedule of "Super baby", where Gideon pretends to be flying(he actually has little choice in this game), and "Look in the Mirror" where the cooing never stops. It was so much fun. However, the drawback is that there are dishes in the sink, and laundry baskets full of clothes to be folded in the kitchen. I did manage to clean the sink and toilet in the bathroom, and moved one laundry basket from one room to the other. Pathetic, huh? Those are the days that I wish I could just stay home. Who would have thought that I would be craving to be a stay at home mom? Here I thought we were all modern and hip, with Alex as the primary caregiver, and Alexa coming home everyday saying "Honey, I'm home!". But I am jealous of Alex; of the time that he gets. I know Alex doesn't have it easy. He tries to balance taking care of Gideon, and his work, and sometimes his work suffers. And he is usually up past midnight trying to finish up. But still I am jealous.

List of things I have learned as a new mom:
1. Stock up on batteries. Or buy stock in batteries. Every baby gadget and toy requires batteries. And some need AAA and C batteries at the same time. And they run out constantly and we don't have a recharger, so we are spending literally hundreds a year on batteries. Batteries are my new nemesis.

2. Babies KNOW when they pee on you, and they think it's funny. Gideon has managed to pee on everyone in the family at least once. He totally cracks up when he does it. I think it's the "Oh my God! Gideon..nooooo!!" cry that one makes, and the flapping of the arms that is the funny part.

3. You CAN have too many onesies. I was told by some that you can never have too many. But I have discovered that he has already outgrown brand new clothes that he didn't get a chance to wear. He is 25 inches long, and has been wearing 6 month clothes since he was 3 months old.

4. Having a baby has made me less of a wuss. I used to be scared of silly things, like being in social situations, or public speaking, or yelling at the after school teenagers. Now, watch out! I was able to stand in front of my whole church congregation, and speak about Gideon's surgery.

If I see a "teenage situation" at the library, I am literally jumping out of my chair to deal with it. I think that now that I know what real fear feels like, I know that I can overcome the small stuff. Ok, so this post is over. Sorry it was so long; just had alot to say. Oh, one more thing:

I need help, right?