Friday, January 19, 2007

Pooh Day at the Library
Yesterday we celebrated A.A. Milne's 120th birthday with a Pooh Party at the library. My sister brought Gideon over so he could be Pooh's Honeypot. Obviously, he was the cutest honeypot that ever was. Below is the evidence:

I am dressed as a chubby Hispanic Tigger.

Shinae is Pooh and Gideon is the honeypot!

The "Hunnie" Pot is staring into the camera

as Mama Tigger stares adoringly at the honey pot.

I am pretty sure that I lost about 5 lbs in that outfit.

Gideon is staring at the windsock craft that we made.

He is obviously already artistic.

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Jane said...

My Prayers are with you today. It's 6:30am here so I think you may already be at the hospital. I will call Chrissy tonight to get an update. Hang in there!