Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Super Pistachio Baby Strikes Again!

So, Alexa has been doing most of the posting lately. This is ok. She is a much better writer than I am, even though it is what I do for my career. I know this. You know this. However, she doesn't seem to know this. So please her encourage her to write more.

This New Years Day, Gideon was all about business. While Alexa, her parents, her sister and I were counting down the end of the year, Gideon was nursing. About 5 minutes before the end of 2006, he squirmed around and cried incessantly letting us know that he was hungry. I joked that day saying that he's been eating since last year.

Now that it's 2007, I realize that I've been a SAHD (Stay-at-Home Dad) for about 2 months now and counting. Balancing work and Gideon has been challenging. Thank God I have a flexible work schedule and lots of help during the week. Alexa's mom comes over and provides relief and Andrea baby-sits 1 to 2 days a week.

Gideon and I have sort of come to an agreement. I feed him, clean him, play games (mostly peek a boo) with him, read him fun stories (mostly peek a boo again) and let him see episodes of the Backyardigans and something else about Super Pet Heroes.

In turn he naps for a few hours at a time, which allows me to complete about 3 - 5 hours worth of work from 9 - 5pm. Of course, the whole day I have sing-songy kids tunes stuck in my brain. Plus, I am forced to question the logic behind some of the adventures of some of his favorite shows. Like for example, if a baby dinosaur who is stuck under a big rock and is need of help (to make matters worse, a clumsy Pteranodon sits on top of a huge boulder which precariously hangs off the edge of a cliff right above the location of the baby dinosaur) why would one waste time singing about the situation contemplating what to do and what can happen? Of course, the animal in danger always gets saved, but still.

I keep it all to myself. I just want my son to have fun and learn something everyday. I can only hope that behind Gideon’s outward signs of pure enjoyment and glee that is revealed as the cutest smile the world has ever known, is the same logical conclusion that I have come up with.

Anyway, Alexa comes home to feed him during lunch and we all spend time together. I complete the rest of my work after Alexa comes home between 5 – 6 pm.

So it's all working out fine. And work is doing better than ever. I have more than enough to keep me busy and have extended my working relationship with a major client. Once again, blessings are pouring upon our lives.

I truly enjoy the time I spend with Gideon. I would not have it any other way. There was a time where I was tempted to re-enter the full-time, on-site job workforce once again, but glad I kept the faith and remained strong believing everything was going to work out just fine.
Enjoy the "Pistachio Baby" picture above. Gideon, Miggy, Alexa and I wish the very best in 2007. Thanks for continuing to support our small little corner on the Internet and for your continued prayers for Gideon.

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