Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 4: Guess Who's Home?

That's right, Gideon himself. He got the ok to come home early today. Right now, he is swinging away on his favorite chair. His recovery is nothing short of miraculous. There are no evident signs of swelling and he's smiling from ear-to-ear. His scar, which is also ear-to-ear, is getting better by the day. It will be there for quite some time, but as long as we are careful with it, he should be fine. The doctor wants to see him in two weeks just to see how's he doing.

He should have been visibly swollen for a number of weeks, although not as bad is it was in the last three days. What we see is a baby with minimal swelling in the least, but in reality is hardly noticeable. In fact, he's back to his old self smiling, crying, eating and pooping; all good things. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. Our future posts will continue to highlight the life of Gideon and our family including Miggy the cat. As always, stay tuned.

For your delight, here are some recent pictures of Gideon. We love you all.

This pic was from last night. Gideon is pictured here with
Nurse Meghan, Aretha the Lamb and Bear.

Hello, how are you?

I'm so happy to be home.


kvpond said...

Dear Alexa, Alex and Baby Gideon,
Your mon gave me the website so that I could see the baby. He is absolutely beautiful! What a prince.
Our thoughts and prayers have been with you all. We are so glad to see that everyone is home and well on the way to a speedy recovery.
God Bless you all, especially your incredible son.
The Ponders (Val, Kevin, Madeline and Cole)

Jane said...

The nurses must have LOVED him!
Glad he is home!

Cyndee said...

Oh my word!! He looks like nothing happened to him!! Alelu-jah!! Woo Hoo!!! Looking forward to the updates!