Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 3: What a Difference a Day Makes.

A number of you told me that my previous post made you well up in tears and cry.

That's good!

No, I am not one who finds joy in making and seeing others cry. I am not a bully, though some of my grammar school acquaintances may tell you otherwise. What I am is a person that loves to share his stories with others in a way that people can relate to and truly understand, emotionally.

Today, I have a happier story. No need to worry about your mascara. Push the tissue box away. No sob story here - unless you cry at happy endings.

Yesterday, the doctors and nurses told us that things would get worse, in terms of his swelling, before they got better. But when Alexa and I arrived to Gideon's room in the morning, we were ecstatic to see that he had both his eyes open. The night before his eyes were so swollen, that he couldn't see out of them because he couldn't muster enough strength to open them. There was still some significant swelling earlier today, but as the hours progressed, it subsided.

There were moments where the swelling moved from one side of the head to the other, enabling him to open only one eye. If we had a patch he'd be the cutest pirate ever. But, we left our pirate patches at home today as we ran out the door of our apartment.

So what does it mean when the doctor's say one thing and God does another? It says that everything in life is not under our will, no matter what kind of control freak you are. Surprises come when you least suspect them. The doctors tell us one thing and God does another. Did God work a miracle in Gideon's life? Were your prayers regarding Gideon’s return to health answered? Here, see for yourself. Compare yesterday's pictures with the ones below, which were taken today.

Ahhhh, music soothes the soul.

I've got my eye on you.

Look Dad, I'm smiling.

No heavyweight, but still a champ!

Happy baby!

The best news of all, we might be able to take him home today instead of waiting until Saturday.
The journey continues.......

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Cyndee said...

He looks like a different baby! God did that!!