Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Big Day: A Quick Photographic Update

This past Sunday we had a dedication ceremony at church for Gideon. Basically, a baby dedication is where willing parents are charged to raise up their child in the ways of God, with family, friends and the church congregation as witnesses. Additionally, we ask God to bless our child. I guess you can say that it is similar to a Christening or Baptism. Well here is picture of Gideon on that day.

Just 2 days later, which is today, Gideon is wearing something entirely different. Our day at the hospital started at about 6;45am, where Alexa and I found our pastors already there. They were great. They stayed with us all the way up to the point where, Gideon's surgeon, Dr. Arno Fried, told us about the success of the surgery.

As the hours progress and the swelling becomes more notable, my heart becomes a bit sad to see my baby boy in such a helpless condition. I wish he didn't have to go through this. I would take his place if I could, but this is his battle to overcome -- which he is winning. Alexa and I have noticed many positive things to come out of it and we're glad that Gideon's story has touched so many lives already. I am so proud of him for being so strong and I am confident that it is only a matter of time before he is back to his normal, smiling self. Here are some pictures of Gideon after the surgery today.

Again thanks for all your prayers and support.

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