Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Art of Sitting

After his fourth day back home, Gideon is enjoying life. Sure, sometimes he cries and it's obviously because he has a headache, but Tylenol for babies usually gives him relief. As the days go by, we are feeling more confident that he is getting back to his old self. This means that I will most likely get back to work soon, probably Thursday. Unlike Alexa, I don't get paid for my days off. This is a disadvantage of being independently employed. But I felt it was necessary to take the time off to relax after our very stressful ordeal and to learn the new and essential things about caring for a Gideon with a sensitive scar on his head. I don't want to mishandle him.

We recently discovered that he now suffers from "brasitis," as diagnosed by Alexa's mom. Brasitis comes from the Spanish word "braso" which means arm. Basically, what it means is that Gideon now wants to be in someone's arms, anyone's arms, at all times. I think he deserves it after all he's been through.

In other news, he is making strides in the area of sitting. I will take credit for this. For about a month now Gideon and I have been playing a game called, "Sitting Like a Person." The game is simple. It involves me sitting down comfortably on the couch and placing Gideon on my lap in the seated position while holding him to ensure he doesn't tip over. Here he looks around and observes his surroundings.

{Silent 5 second pause}

Ok. It's not really a game, at least not a fun one in the traditional sense. But you try to play "Standing Like a Person" all day long with him. It's a workout I tell you. This games involves having Gideon sit on my belly, counting slowly to three, then gently lifting him to the standing position, and finally yelling "Yay! you're such a good boy aren't you?" once he sets his legs straight and firmly on the top of my chest. He doesn't get tired of "standing" like this, but after 20 lifts or so, my arms get tired. Just to see his smile it really is worth the pain though. Also, I have noticed that he consistently begins to smile at three during our "Standing Like a Person" fest because he knows what's coming. Does this mean that he gets the concept of counting? Could he be the next great Astrophysicist? Time will tell.

Check out the latest pictures of Gideon Soto sitting all by himself. All he needs is a remote.

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