Monday, December 25, 2006

Gideon and Santa: Why Mommy, why?

On what other occasion would a new mother allow her baby son to sit on a stranger's lap? Why, at Christmas, of course! I had considered doing the Santa picture thing, but usually the line was too long, or Gideon was asleep, and I figured it was kind of silly anyway. However, there we were, at the Bergen Mall, and there was Santa. No line, no wait, and Gideon was wide awake and looking super cute in his new sweater. So, I hand over my darling baby to a slightly shifty looking Santa. As you can see by Gideon's expression, he cannot believe that I just handed him over to this old man, and walked away. And why was Mommy jumping up and down and calling his name? Did she really think he was going to smile after she plopped him down on cheap velvet? Nothing doing. He is, of course, furrowing his brow. That is his signature move.

Gideon's first Christmas went as expected. He slept, cried, pooped, nursed and then slept again. Pretty much standard Gideon behavior. We spent Christmas Eve at Alex's parents house. They have a midnight gift opening tradition. Gideon received many gifts, including toys and clothes. However, the most memorable gift was a family of stuffed bears given to him by his cousins, Stephanie and Joel. They represent our little family, with Gideon, like the little bear, being a nice combination of the two of us. However, he slept through all of it. I will write later about Christmas Day. That is a post all to itself. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. A heartfelt "thank you" from me on Gideon's behalf. He is truly a blessed boy. He received many wonderful presents for his first Christmas.


Jane said...

We love you guys- "Like a mullet" through thick and thin! Merry Christmas!

Jenn & Jon

Bryna said...

Alexa, Alex and Gideon(although you can't read yet)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I know that mine turned out okay in the end.

Have a happy new year!!!