Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shalom in the Soto Home.

Some of you may be wondering about Miggy and how's he's doing. The picture above says it all. In the past, Miggy would jump on top of Alexa and position himself exactly where Gideon is in the picture. Let's be clear, Miggy still lays on Alexa, but seems to know that Gideon is first. At this point, he'll take any comfortable spot he can find.

Miggy has definitely grown to accept Gideon. Now that Gideon is a month old, we are still very careful with him. I haven't seen it yet, but Alexa says that Gideon kicks Miggy by mistake when they are laying down like this. What does Miggy do? Nothing really. He opens his eyes a bit then goes back to sleep. He may be a moody (and sometimes menacing) cat, but he is also a sleepy one who just wants to be loved, feel warm, and in a comfortable setting. Isn't that what we all want in our lives?

Shalom in the home. Even in the midst of Gideon's uncontrollable crying sprees, there is peace. When Gideon is in the middle of getting his diaper changed and decides that he is not done, even if Alexa or I are well within his range, serenity now. Peace be onto you all.

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