Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy One Month, Baby Gideon!
These are all photos of a 4 week old Gideon. As you can see, he has already learned to focus his eyes. Alex enjoys having staring contests with him, although Alex usually wins since Gideon forfeits by falling asleep. He is most precious when he is smiling, although I do think he is precious all the time. We have taken trips to the library, church, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lord & Taylor Cafe, and Paramus Park Mall. He has been asleep for most of these trips. The stroller lulls him to sleep. He does draw admiring glances and comments from strangers. I cannot believe that Alex and I managed to make such an adorable little baby. God must have have used a higher dose of super adorable juice when he was making him.
We are doing really well with the breastfeeding, although I don't think I am producing as much milk as I should have. My mom has been feeding me "milk producing" foods. She is in constant contact with my aunts and grandmothers in Costa Rica, getting advice on the different things she should force me to drink. She bought me a case of this malt beverage that comes in individual bottles. It is called "malta" in spanish, and it looks like this:

I wish I could describe the taste, but I know I am not a fan of it. Unfortunately, I now have 50 bottles of it in my kitchen, and I kind of feel obligated to drink them. I have heard though, that it makes you gain weight, so I am leery of it. However, I am willing to do anything for my baby boy, and if this makes it easier for him to eat and gain weight, then I will drink the malta. I will drink the malta. I will...drink...the...malta. Sigh. But overall, he is feeding well. It has, however, started to hurt like you would not believe. I have made the comment already that breastfeeding is actually more painful than my labor. Crazy huh? IT HURTS! I start lamaze breathing exercises when he latches on. Ouchee.
We have his doctor's appointment on Tuesday, so we shall see how much weight he has gained, and his overall health. He has developed some baby acne on his adorable chubby cheek, and I hope it goes away. I am actually mad at those little red spots, and I want them to stop marring his sweet little face. Ok, so it is time for torture time, aka feeding Gideon. I hope to hear from you all soon. Feel free to call me whenever, since I am usually sitting home watching 'What Not to Wear'. Love you.


Anonymous said...

You're hilarious!! Am I the only one who reads this blog.... or just the only one who comments?? Either way, thanks for writing! I love to hear and see what's going on!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I log on and enjoy the development of baby Gideon as well. It's my occasional break from tough reality to sweet and innocent. I also remember when my Christian was that old. He now is 25. Enjoy every single moment of Gideon's development. You only get one chance, so make it count!

Best wishes
Mary Ann @ Management Software

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Letty - we like MALTA. Malta is wassup. And you got the best kind... Si es GOYA, tiene que ser bueno... ALELUYA!!!