Friday, October 20, 2006

Almost Famous

We went to Gideon's Pediatrician yesterday and a lady recognized him from afar. She asked Alexa, "Excuse me, but is that Gideon Soto?" After responding "Yes, " the lady expressed excitement.

Why was some strange lady pleased to see Gideon? More importantly, how did she know him by name?

The answer is simple. He's famous, or at least getting there. You see – Gideon and Alexa appeared on NBC's local New York news channel 4 at 5pm this past Wednesday. Dr. Max Gomez interviewed Alexa about a new NJ law that was enacted for postpartum depression screening.

No, Alexa is not depressed. She just happened to be a new mother at the right time. They sought her opinion about the new law. 90% of the intelligent stuff she said was cut out of the segment. It was obvious that Gideon was the star of the show. But Alexa was also cute during the interview.

We are trying to get the tape and hopefully post it up so all of you can see.

Other news. The Mets lost. Gideon, who was all revved up for the game as you can see in the picture, was disappointed -- as was I, but we're hopeful for next year.

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Annie said...

Ooh that baby seems bigger already! I thought he was all you, Alex, but now I see a lot of Alexa in him, too!
FYI- he's also a celebrity at the library, we have a picture of him up to show the kids and they love him! Hope all is well!