Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Belly Exposed

Alexa is showing a lot, but she really hasn’t gained much weight. In fact, doc says she will lose weight, as much as 20 pounds, as a result of this pregnancy. In contrast, I have swelled to an all time high.

Children are so frank and wonderful aren’t they? Or are they just evil?!! Here’s why I ask.

A little boy in church innocently asked Alexa what she had in her round belly. In response, she said, “a baby!”

The little boy giggled.

His mom chuckled.

Alexa and I laughed.

Ahhhhhh……what a cute little boy! All is well with the world.

Then, in just a matter of seconds, the little boy’s smile turns slightly downward. Like the wind and to my horror he turned towards my direction. He gazed at my eyes. As soon as I realized that Alexa’s belly was no longer the focus of his attention, I became stuck. I couldn’t move as if in a trance. I read his eyes very clearly. At that point in time, I knew where the rest of the conversation was heading. I felt defenseless and my belly was suddenly exposed to the world. Need I say more?


Bryna said...

Oh Alex, it's what we call "sympathy" weight... you will be fine.

Alex said...

Hi Bryna, thanks for responding. I guess I'll have to be the opposite of sympathetic after Gideon is born in order to lose weight.