Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Belly Exposed

Alexa is showing a lot, but she really hasn’t gained much weight. In fact, doc says she will lose weight, as much as 20 pounds, as a result of this pregnancy. In contrast, I have swelled to an all time high.

Children are so frank and wonderful aren’t they? Or are they just evil?!! Here’s why I ask.

A little boy in church innocently asked Alexa what she had in her round belly. In response, she said, “a baby!”

The little boy giggled.

His mom chuckled.

Alexa and I laughed.

Ahhhhhh……what a cute little boy! All is well with the world.

Then, in just a matter of seconds, the little boy’s smile turns slightly downward. Like the wind and to my horror he turned towards my direction. He gazed at my eyes. As soon as I realized that Alexa’s belly was no longer the focus of his attention, I became stuck. I couldn’t move as if in a trance. I read his eyes very clearly. At that point in time, I knew where the rest of the conversation was heading. I felt defenseless and my belly was suddenly exposed to the world. Need I say more?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Please Don't Call Me Mr. Mom!

I am very excited about being the primary caregiver to my son, Gideon. I've yet to figure out how I am going to get any work done, being that most of my time will be spent changing diapers, feeding, then changing diapers again. I'll figure it out.

If you didn't know already, I work from home doing a variety of things like marketing communications, freelance writing, and technical stuff.

Alexa seems to have trouble understanding what it is I do. Ever since she's known me, I've never settled to hold on to just one job at any single moment. Right now, I got about "fi job," with the potential of few more to come. Any of you old enough to remember the television program, "In Living Color," knows what I'm referring to.

Plus, Alexa has a tendency of getting sleepy when I start talking about the technical aspects of my job. I don't blame her. In an effort to keep you, the reader, awake, I won't divulge information as to what I do for a living.

Anyway, did you know that stay-at-home-daddyship is all the rage these days due to the number of men who are taking on this role? Here are some stats. The November, 2004 U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2003 the number of stay-at-home fathers was 98,000. The following year, this number has risen significantly – in 2004, there were 143,000.

As time goes on, I will take pictures of my adventures as a stay-at-home dad and keep you updated. In the meantime, rest assured that I have been practicing using my "Baby Bjorn" with "Bunny." I'm hesitant to display pics of me with the Baby Bjorn on, but I have uploaded a picture of Bunny with his pal Miggy for your slight amusement. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our Babymoon...sort of.

Have you all heard of the term babymoon? It is supposed to be a couple's last vacation before the baby comes. A time to be alone together, a romantic time, a time to reflect on the changes that are about to take place in your lives. Alex and I of course refuse to be slaves to tradition! Romantic moments? Hah! Time to reflect and be alone? Hah hah! What could be more perfect than to join my crazy family on a 6 hour car trip to Maine for Labor Day weekend? Let's all pile into the mini-van with luggage, an 8 month pregnant woman, her 5 foot long pregnancy pillow, and the singing Morales clan! Yes, we sing.
We had a great time. Despite my mother (that is her before breakfast), the fact that Alex and I both threw up on the lighthouse tour boat, that it was way too cold to go swimming, that since I got sick on the boat my stomach was too queasy to eat a lobster roll, we had a great time. We all got a chance to reconnect and to be a family again. I haven't gone on a family vacation since I got married, and I didn't realize how much I had missed it. It's fun to be part of a kooky family. There are memories that become really funny stories.
Greetings from Pregnancy Land! Alex and I have decided to start this blog, so that we can keep our family and friends updated on the final stages of my pregnancy and beyond. We can also post pictures, so that you can all see what's going on. Some of you have begged to see pictures of me "preggers", so I will definitely post some of those. ( I am actually 5 months pregnant in the above photo) I am now 35 weeks pregnant, which means that I only have 4-5 weeks to go! I am definitely waddling. I have discovered the reason why pregnant women waddle; because it hurts not to. I can no longer walk like a normal human being. If I do my pelvic bones scream in pain and agony. Hey, aren't you glad you know that about me now?

Despite all the "baby things" happening, I still can't seem to fathom that Alex and I are going to be parents in a month. I keep catching myself making plans for fun things to do in October or November, like apple picking or going to see a show, and then realizing that umm...wait a minute, there will be a baby here who will not allow us to sleep, let alone go upstate. Upstate? How about a nap? I will never go apple picking again, if it means a nap. I can't believe that I am saying that and the baby is not even born yet. Does it sound like I am freaking out? I have to practice my lamaze breathing.